Employee Surveillance

If your employee is successful in their sexual harassment claim, the amount they can get in financial compensation (damages) depends on what sort of harm they claim they have suffered because of the sexual harassment. Some types of damages, including back pay and front pay, are designed to compensate them for wages that they lost as a result of being sexually harassed. Other types of damages are intended to compensate them for the emotional upset caused by the harassment (pain and suffering) or to punish the employer for failing to put a stop to the harassment.


Gotcha! Investigative Service can provide hidden camera surveillance, 24/7, at your workplace to stop an incident of sexual harassment quickly before your company is sued for not taking action timely.


Find out more about our Employee Surveillance. If you are dealing with sexual harassment complaints, employee theft or any other situation where an investigation is warranted, see how video surveillance can prove or prevent a civil case in court.


% of women have been harassed


% of victims are women, 21% are men


% experience harassment from a colleague


% experienced harassment from a superior