Gotcha! Investigative Service can get information you need on anyone before you commit to a relationship. Have our detective conduct a Premarital Background Check.


Computer databases alone do not give you all the information you need, and they are never 100% accurate. Some companies offering Premarital Background Check charge for information that can be found for free. Licensed Private Detectives have access to databases not available to the public however; you must have a legitimate reason for the information. Not everyone can obtain information on whomever they choose for whatever reason. This is another reason why some internet companies offering background checks may not be legitimate and /or thorough.


Comprehensive Premarital Background Check reports do not come from databases alone, sometimes information must be verified by phone calls depending on the information requested, which is what our agency provides.


Who are they, really? Do you know if your fiancé is honest about their finances? Are they a gold digger? A red flag would be not being allowed access to bank accounts and password protected computers. What if they have excessive debt you don’t know about? Once you are married you will share this debt. The credit rating you have worked so hard to keep in good standing suddenly takes a plunge. Does he/she have a violent past or criminal record for sexual assault? Did they spend time in jail? Are they a gold digger? Wouldn’t you like to find out sooner rather than later? Will your children be safe in his/her company? We’ll get the truth before it’s too late.


Our affordable Premarital Background Check investigations vary depending on what information you require and the complexity of the information gathered. Once you speak with a private detective about the information you wish to obtain, we will inform you of the investigation fee.