Recover Deleted Text

Gotcha! Investigative Service has forensic detectives who will recover deleted text from a smartphone, tablet or computer to gather evidence that you will be able to use in court. If you purchased a program on the internet that was able to recover deleted text, the court likely will not accept it. Gotcha! Investigative Service has forensic private detectives who specialize in the recovery of deleted text messages and deleted sms data.


Our forensic private detectives understand how important it is to recover deleted text and deleted sms information on your mobile device. They can duplicate and document any evidence that is present on your iPhone or android device and find deleted text messages so that you can use the information recovered from the mobile-phone in court. Our forensic private detectives can recover data that was accidentally or purposely deleted, even if the device has been factory reset!


Recovered data may include:


  • Pictures
  • Video
  • Text Messages
  • Call history
  • Address Book
  • Voicemails
  • Emails
  • GPS Location Information
  • Browsing History
  • Web Searches


Gotcha! Investigative Service’s Mobile Device Forensics Private Detectives have the skill and experience to recover deleted text messages on mobile phones such as deleted iPhone messages, deleted Android phone messages and recover sms data. We can recover text messages and find deleted text messages from a variety of smartphone manufactures.


The deleted text and other data that our forensic detectives can recover is dependent upon both the device, deleted iPhone or deleted android messages, and the version of the operating system that is installed. Our forensic private detectives can stabilize your mobile phone if it is not working enough for you to gather your own evidence.


Don’t risk corrupting your evidence by trying to recover deleted text messages and other data yourself. Let our forensic private detectives help you, Call today.


Analyzing your cell phone requires our technicians to be in possession of the device. Depending on the operating system and security updates installed, the turnaround time could be 2 to 14 days. Price range is between $450.00 and $1,500.00 on average.