Gotcha! Investigative Service Unmanned Camera Video Surveillance


Harrisburg PA Detective Agency

Gotcha! Investigative Service has an unmanned camera video surveillance program. Our unmanned camera video surveillance program is a very effective choice when video documentation of activities at a particular address is needed. Unmanned camera video surveillance uses stationary inconspicuous cameras that fit the environment to accomplish discreet, effective, and legal video recording. These stationary units are specifically designed to capture video of a specified house, building, or other area, just like traditional manned surveillance, but in a very affordable way. They are designed to perform discreetly for long periods, one to five days of High Definition Video, for a fraction of the cost of manned surveillance.


If you need to know a subjects activity and would like to have a few days or weeks of surveillance performed but do not have the budget for manned surveillance, our unmanned camera surveillance program may be your best solution. Unmanned camera surveillance can document activities 24/7 and greatly reduce the expense of manned surveillance. Unmanned Camera Surveillance is an effective pre-surveillance tool for establishing a subject’s patterns, comings and goings, and removing the guesswork from scheduling manned surveillance. Multiple covert camera systems can be set up on a single location to capture all or most areas of a large property or area the subject go too regularly.


We also have the capability of capturing clear video footage of night time actives with our night vision camera system. The night vision video system is more complex and additional equipment is necessary to capture excellent quality High Definition video in total darkness.


Unmanned Camera Surveillance is an affordable first or last step of any investigation requiring surveillance.


Key points to Unmanned Camera Surveillance:


  • Very effective – camera fits in to the environment and is virtually undetectable


  • Captures Evidence to be used in court – No cameras are installed on private property


  • Invaluable Resource & Very Affordable – Unmanned camera surveillance cost a fraction of manned surveillance.


  • Night Vision High Definition Video – Our cameras include night vision to obtained clear video in complete darkness


  • 24 Hour Surveillance – our cameras record continuously for up to 5 days, 24 hours daily